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Gabby Thomas Win Silver & Bronze Olympic Medals

About Us

The Buford Bailey Track Club is located in Austin, Texas, under the leadership of Tonja Buford-Bailey. It’s a group of elite and emerging sprinters and hurdlers who have high goals of representing their countries at the Olympics and World Championships.

The mission of the club is to develop current and aspiring Olympians to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Off the track, TBBTC seeks ways to improve our community through promoting the welfare of others for good causes. Our goal is to support young girls and women in the community.


Tonja Buford Bailey

aka TBB


In the Track & Field world, Tonja Buford-Bailey aka TBB is named the G.O.A.T., urban meaning Greatest Of All Time.  She has three Olympic medals to back it up.  University of Illinois Hall of Fame Member and now President and coach of The Tonja Buford Bailey Track Club.

TBB continues her Olympic success coaching Olympic and professional athletes like herself to the Olympics, World, and International Championships. Athletes such as Gabby Thomas, who just recently ran the third fastest 200 meter dash of all time.

A moment of silence to take that one in…

Other Olympic Medalists such as Ashley Spencer, Courtney Okolo, and Morolake Akinosun are just a few athletes coached by TBB.

Here is where I would say something fancy like, “She is just hitting her stride,” but the fact of this matter is Tonja Buford-Bailey has been at this since the age of 9 years old! Click to read more.

Proud Sponsors

Gabby Thomas

Olympic Medalist, #2 World Time in 200m Dash, NCAA Champion, Bowerman Semi-finalist

Ashley Spencer

Olympic Medalist, World Champion, WJ Champion, NCAA Champion

Morolake Akinosun

Olympic Medalist, World Champion, NCAA Champion

Kendall Baisden

WJ Champion, NCAA Champion

Shiann Salmon




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The Buford-Bailey Track Club

President: Tonja Buford Bailey